Elizabeth travel by train

A metre gauge railway that has daily scheduled trains with astoundingly low prices connects Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Joho Baru, Butterworth (Penang), Bangkok, and Southern Thailand, a perfect option for travelers. Travelling by train is comfortable and adventurous, and safe way to go.

train-ktmThe train starting from Ipoh follows ABCDEF coach arrangement towards the direction of South, KL. Since the train always makes round trips at any time without U-turning, it follows that on returning from KL, the arrangement of the coach is FEDCBA, with the first being F and the last A towards Ipoh. The seat arrangement for all coaches coming from KL towards Ipoh is AB-CD, the left being AB, the right CD. This seat arrangement reverses when going to Ipoh from KL, with the right being AB and left is CD.

When heading to KL from Ipoh, the seat arrangement of coach ABC is row 1-8 facing forward, the direction the train is moving, whereas 9 to 13 facing backward. Similarly, seat arrangement of coach DEF is 9 to 13 facing moving direction of a train to KL, 1-8 seating arrangement with back facing the moving direction of the train. It’s like being pulled back all the way to KL.

The journey from KL to Ipoh, these directions are the other way around.

KTMB has confirmed these findings however they put emphasis that these arrangements could change in the event of changes in coach management which rarely happens since this coach marking is permanent on the platform as it’s not a signboard that is moveable like normal train service.

With this knowledge, it’s now easy to choose seats when buying ETS tickets online since those who have complications like motion sickness may avoid picking the wrong seat that would make them seat backwards towards their destination.

You can buy Malaysian KTM train tickets:

  1. in person at the station.
  2. Online at Easybook.com – same prices as ktmb.com.my but much easier to use.

3 online at www.ktmb.com.my (but not the Butterworth to Bangkok trains 35/36)

  1. by phone from UK-based agency International Rail.

You can no longer buy them by phone or email with the KTM call center.

Buying tickets at the station

KTM has a computerized reservation system, therefore, the KTM ticket offices at Kuala Lumpur or any other Malaysian station (also included is KTM ticket office In Penang at the Georgetown ferry terminal) can make reservations and sell tickets for all train journeys within Malaysia, or trains heading to Thailand from Malaysia, also included is Butterworth to Bangkok.

Buy train tickets online at www.easybook.com

www.easybook.com is a bus ticket aggregator and now also sells tickets. It’s a lot easier to use than buying directly from KTM’s own website which qualifies it as a choice number one, it also sells tickets at a similar price without additional fees, and actually they may offer small discounts of up to 5 percent.

www.easybook.com sells tickets for all KTM express trains (Malaysian Railways) running fully inside Singapore and Malaysia, simply put KTM trains 1 to 29 including ETS trains in the 92xx & 95xx series. It also books international train 20 or 21 run by KTM between Kuala Lumpur and Hat Yai in Thailand, south bound and north bound. But, shorter journeys such as Butterworth to Hat Yai will not be booked since these short distance journeys are sold 24 hours at the station only prior to departure.

You cannot book Thai trains through www.easybook.com.

Malaysian train bookings start 30 days prior to departure.

Payment for the tickets is completed online by credit card and then you can print your ticket in the same way as KTM’s website.

Classes: The tickets are categorized in classes. Premier means first class, Superior means second class, and Superior Nightstands for a second class sleeper.

Stations: For Singapore, choose

Singapore’ then Woodland.

For Kuala Lumpur, choose

Kuala Lumpur’ then Kuala Lumpur Sentral’.

The ETS KL to KTM Ipoh electric train service operates regularly throughout the day and is the fastest way to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh. There are a few places of interest to stop at along the way, these high-speed trains go through the Selangor and Perak states in Malaysia, towards Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state.

Freedom  to get around in Malaysia

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia with your family and are making plans to get the tickets for travel and the stay at the hotel, you should add one more thing to your list – a car rental. This option assures your mobility to move around once you are there, rather than depending upon cabs, public transport and a combination of other transport services.

drivingaroundEspecially while traveling with a family it is always better to have car rentals as things will stay in you control. Some of the reason for Car rentals being beneficial while in a family vacation in Malaysia is as follows:

Flexibility to move around – You can be spontaneous and surprise your family and move around as you want to, when you want to. This is especially handy while having family as these can then turn into some precious memories.

Increased safety – with your own car, the safety of you family is increased. With things being in your control you can get out of situations very quickly.

Overall cost effectiveness – While considering the amount of money spent on cabs and special transport for occasions, a car rental is always more economical for per mile travelled. This is true as users would travel much wider and more as it affords them flexibility.

Planning the holiday better and getting to see and do much more – without the push of guided tour not stifling the experience due to lack of time, you can get to plan your holiday much carefully and have a relaxed time while at your destination rather than trying to cram in as much as you can into your experience.

Best for the kids – A car rental is best for the kids as it helps them stay in control and lets them have a good time without being in unfamiliar and overwhelming surroundings.

This time, before coming to Malaysia, book Langkawi airport car rental and have a really unique experience of this country.

Vital Tips – Singapore Travel

Singapore is among of the finest places to investigate in Asia. It is clean, sheltered and without a doubt, excellent. I expect to see as well as experience the magnificence of this nation; you may locate these crucial tips worth considering:
I prepared ahead of time. At the point, when do I plan to go? What spots do I wish to visit? Where would you like to sit tight?

  • What amount do you need to spend for your travel? To what extent would you like to sit tight?

Airphil Express

These are inquiries I would need to think seriously about, which would offer you some assistance with making a schedule for your travel. Planning early can spare you a considerable measure through advancements and rebates offered via carriers and travel destinations. It can likewise augment your whole choosing so as to out ahead of time that puts you need to visit and to join these spots in your agenda.

Check significant travel locales and spending plan carriers for advancements, rebates and coupons early. Travel locales, for example, CheapOair and OneTravel show relative airfares from real aircraft and offer advancements and rebates for your travel once in a while.

Financial planes, for instance, Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express additionally offer flight rebates to Singapore a few times each year. For your ferry to batam, get the ticket online or heading to harbourfront. For your lodging, Hotels Combined, Hostel World and Rakuten Travel offer arrangements, rebates and a decision from an extensive variety of inns/inns in Singapore to empower you to pick and book ahead of time.

Observe vital subtle elements.

A. Flights: by and large, registration counters open a few hours preceding your scheduled flight and close 45 minutes before your planned time of takeoff. Visit the official site of your aircraft to know more data about registration points of interest and various necessities. I Remembered to bring your international ID, your legitimate ID and a printed agenda or ticket if you have checked-in on the web.